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Welcome to Shop My Luxury Bag website.

Please read these terms and conditions - By visiting our website and Instagram, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use, together with the privacy policy to protect Shop My Luxury Bag and you in relation to this website and our Instagram listing platform. Shop My Luxury Bag reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice and changes will be notified in this website. We strongly suggest you DO NOT use our service if you disagree with these terms and conditions.


Shop My Luxury Bag is a listing and advertising platform of pre-owned / brand new luxury items to our communities through social media like Instagram.


The term ' Shop My Luxury Bag ' or 'My Luxury Bag' or 'us' or 'we' or 'our' refers to 'Shop My Luxury Bag Pte Ltd'. The term 'you' refers to the user, viewer, buyer, seller or customer of Shop My Luxury Bag.


By using this website is subject to these terms and conditions :


1. We reserve the right to change any information and terms & conditions at any time without prior notice and changes will be notified in this website.


2. We will try to provide accurate information of items. However, we do not provide any guarantee or warranty to the accuracy of information to the items / products found on this website. You acknowledge that products may contain such inaccuracies or errors and we are not liable for such inaccuracies and errors to the fullest extend permitted by law.


3. We act as a service provider to provide a platform for posting of ad listing using a photo / picture submitted by the sellers. We do not involve and do not have over control in the deal between seller and buyer. We are not responsible and liable for the products, items paid for with our posting service.


4. You use of any information of items / products in this website and our Instagram is entirely at your own risk and we shall not be liable. It is your own responsiblity to verify the authenticity and condition of items / products to meet your specific requirements.


5. All photos / images submitted to us are owned by the sellers. You (seller) represent and warrant that all photos of items submitted to Shop My Luxury Bag are owned by yourself and we are not responsible to any copyright and trademark of items / products listed under our website and Instagram. We reserve the rights to pursue private proceedings against the seller should any such infringement be identified. Listing fees are non refundable if suspicious/new  seller is found to be not cooperative to provide information we required. Listing fees are non refundable if seller is previously blacklisted in our platform and pretend as a new seller.


6. Seller is solely to be responsible for all item transaction listed under our website / Instagram and we shall not be responsible and liable to the disagreements on any sale transaction undertaken between a seller and a buyer.


7. Listing fees of unsold items are non refundable. Listing fees is non refundable is items are found to be counrerfeit. Listing fees is strictly charged by per item. FREE repost is only available for PROMO listing during our PROMO period only or comes with any standard listing packages offered by Shop My Luxury Bag. A seller of an unsold item on our website or Instagram who wishes to relist the item must submit a fresh application for listing together with the payment of the applicable re-listing fee. We will update status of sold items and remove listing in website once infromed by seller that item is sold/reserved. Seller will need to submit a fresh listing if item is unsold or unreserved due to buyer backout. Price change is FOC for two times only and for listings more than one month will be charged for extra fees. For listings more than 1month, seller will need to submit a new listing for unsold items if seller wish to repost the unsold item. We do not promote for other IG shop and please be informed that we will crop the photo to a better image Without further notice and crop photo if any shop name found in the photo.


8. We strongly advise buyers to protect themselves during the dealings and transactions. Small deposit can be arranged to seller to ensure the sincerity of buyer to reserve the item instead of making full payment through bank transfer. Try to arrange Cash On Delivery (COD) to view the item personally especially for big amount of item. Always verify the authenticity and condition of items before handling over your hard earned money. We do not suggest bank transfer because this is non refundable. Do remember to request to make payment via PayPal (if possible) if COD cannot be arranged to secure and protect yourself (buyer).


9. Buyers should satisfy themselves to the conditions and authenticity listed under our website and Instagram before purchase anything in our website and Instagram. We strongly advise buyer do not purchase anything from the seller if you have any doubt. We are not responsible and liable for any costs, losses, expenses that may incurred in purchase transaction of items listed under our website and Instagram.


10. We reserve the right to remove all seller’s listings immediately if seller is deemed to be in breach of the above terms and/or conditions (complaint received from buyer) and listing fees which have been paid to us is non refundable. We will not tolerate fake, replica items to be listed on our website / Instagram. Seller's personal information will be shared to proper authorities if required.


11. Seller should Wait for our listing fees confirmation email before making payment. Listing fees quoted is valid as on the day email sent. Seller should ask for latest listing rate if failed to make payment on the day when  listing fees confirmation email sent. Penalty charge of SGD10/RM30 will be charged for any listing fees refund if seller is not aware of our current listing fees and make payment before our confirmation email sent.


12. We strongly suggest you not to use our service if you disagree with any of the above terms and conditions.


13. You hereby agree to comply with these terms and conditions in using of this website and our Instagram. Use of this website and these terms and conditions are governed by the law of Singapore and Malaysia.